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Harry and the Squares

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Harry and the Squares is a simple, but addictive game. Plain and simple, you eat squares! How many can you eat? Find out and play Harry and the Squares!

Play „Easy Mode or Medium Mode“ first to get use to controlling Harry. Then step up to Hard Mode to test your reaction time!
Hard Mode is by far the most fun and it’s addicting!!
Have fun!!!

This game is available for PC also! Email us @ klikitgames@aol.com Use arrow keys to control Harry. If you think you can’t get to a square in time,press enter! Use emergency enter key sparingly.
You only have a certain amount of time to eat a square. If time runs out, you lose a life. You can gain more lives by running into hearts, that fall randomly and at a set scores. See if you can be on top with the highest amount of squares eaten on the net!

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